MCRS Leadership

MCRS Leadership

Unlike most other public safety agencies, we do not have a chief; by long tradition, our chief executive officer holds the rank of captain.  While this may be confusing to some people outside of our organization, this tradition began with the organization of our squad in 1974 and is unlikely to change.  (If you would like to see how our ranks correspond to those from other agencies, click here.) 

As of March, 2018 our command staff includes:

Capt. Robert Mink
Unit 720
Chief Executive Officer

Lt. Steve Rhodus
Unit 722
Personnel Officer

Lt. James Briley
Unit 711
Equipment Officer

Sr. Sgt. John Cropper
Unit 714
Asst. Personnel Officer

Sr. Sgt. Kyle Martin
Unit 710
Asst. Equipment Officer

Sgt. Russ Morrow
Unit 772
Corporate Secretary

Sgt. Angela Rhodus
Unit 723
Corporate Treasurer

Sgt. Robert McCool
Unit 725
Training Officer and Chaplain



Although the command officers listed above serve as the corporate board for legal purposes, we also maintain a Board of Directors who serve as advisors and as an appellate body for our squad.  Current board members include:

Jeff Sullivan
Unit 703
Board Chair (Charter Squad Member)

Shawn Herron, JD
Unit 746 
Board Member

Bill Bradley
Civilian  (Kentucky Water Patrol, retired)
Board Member