Our Missions


We provide a variety of search and rescue and technical rescue services.  Our primary missions include:

Ground Search - Searching for lost and missing individuals, both in rural / wilderness areas and in built up areas.  Ground search and rescue (SAR) is a fundamental competency for rescue personnel and all Kentucky rescue personnel are required by state regulation to complete at least operations level ground SAR training. 

Water Rescue and Recovery - We provide response to both still water and swift water rescue incidents.  Almost all MCRS personnel are training in Basic Water Rescue and Recovery.  Swift water rescue is provided by a special response team within the squad.  We also conduct recovery missions for the remains of drowning victims. 

Vehicle Crash Extrication - Extricating individuals who are trapped in wrecked vehicles is our most common rescue mission.  In Kentucky, the provision of vehicle extrication is the responsibility of the emergency medical services (EMS) agency serving a community.  The EMS agency can provide extrication itself or enter into an agreement with another organization to provide extrication.  We provide extrication in the unincorporated portions of Madison County under the terms of our agreement with Madison County EMS. 

Rope Rescue - Our technical rope rescue team provides high angle and rope-assisted rescue services.  In addition to serving Madison County, our rope team serves as a regional resource for neighboring counties that lack technical rope rescue resources. 

Farm Accident Rescue - We provide technical rescue services for farm-related emergencies such as tractor rollovers, equipment entrapment, animal-related injuries, and other farm-related incidents. 

Building Collapse / Light USAR - We provide basic building collapse rescue services for light buildings such as wood-framed houses, mobile homes, and single story, light-framed commercial buildings. 

Severe Weather Response - During severe winter weather, we provide rescue services for stranded motorists, transportation for essential medical personnel and non-emergent health care patients, and other services to mitigate the impact of the weather incident on the community. 

Traffic Control - In addition to providing traffic control for many of our own response scenes, we provide traffic control for other incidents and public events at the request of a law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the incident or event scene. 

Public Event Support - We provide a variety of support for various community events, including first aid and standby, on-scene emergency response capability. 

CSEPP Support - The Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) is a key public safety program for Madison County.  In addition to supporting Madison County EMS at patient decontamination sites, we are tasked with providing crash response / roadway clearance, assistance with traffic control to the law enforcement operations group, and BLS patient care / evacuation transport assistance to Madison County EMS. 

In addition to these services, we provide a variety of support services to other agencies, such as transport services for the Madison County Coroner's Office and patient movement assistance to Madison County EMS