The Madison County Rescue Squad, Inc. is a volunteer organization.  Members are not paid for training, emergency response, or operational support duties.  Our members donate their time to serve our county and its residents and visitors.

We will be adding additional information to this section over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, we will try to answer two common questions:


What are the requirements for MCRS membership?

To be eligible for membership, individuals must:
- be at least 18 years of age;
- have no felony convictions;
- have no recent misdemeanor convictions;
- live, work or attend school full time in Madison County, Kentucky;
- have sufficient spoken and written English fluency to be able to communicate clearly with others verbally and in writing;
- be able and willing to perform physically strenuous and psychologically difficult work without undue risk of harm to themselves or others. (Physical limitations that prohibit service as a response member may not prevent service as an auxiliary member.)

Applicants who do not have a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED) should be on track to obtain one or the other within their first year of membership.

Prior public safety training or experience is not required.  All required training is provided by our instructors or through courses taught by other agencies.

The most important attributes are a commitment to service, respect for others, a willingness to complete the required training and probationary process, and a positive mental attitude.


How do I apply for membership?

Applications may be picked up, and returned, at our regular business meetings.  These meetings, which take place on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 PM, are listed on the calendar found on this website.  Potential applicants may request an application packet by mail, but all applications must be returned in person.  We do not offer an online application process.  Our policies require prospective members to attend regular business meetings as part of the application process, so applicants can easily return their application when they attend their first business meeting.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us.